Dercum's Disease

Dercum is a rare disease with significant morbidity

An extremely rare disorder characterized by painful non-malignant tumors consisting of fatty tissue (lipomas), Dercum’s disease causes deposits—usually on the trunk, arms, and thighs—that are extremely painful because they press on nearby nerves. There is currently no specific or effective treatment for Dercum’s Disease. Patients are therefore commonly treated with anti-pain medications including opioids and lidocaine, in addition to anti-depressants. Surgical removal of lipomas is painful and results in significant scarring.

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An open label Phase 2a study:

  • 50% average lipoma height reduction – 8 out of 18 treated lipomas completely cleared

  • 70% average reduction in lipoma painMost subjects reported significant reduction in lipoma pain

Before and after

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Day 0

Before injection

Day 14

Following injection

A significant reduction of lipoma’s height was observed